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3 Action Packed Things to Do in Northamptonshire


3 Action Packed Things to Do in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire has much more to it than having the biggest market square in England and being home to the British shoe making industry. People love visiting this county, but are not always aware of the exhilarating experiences that can be found.

Here are three things to in Northamptonshire which you may have never known about.

History of Motor Racing

This one is for the ones who are enthralled by the sound of an ignition, tyres screeching and engines loudly revving.

Northampton is the destination where you can satisfy the frenzy in your head for car or bike action. European drag racing finds its home in the Santa Pod Raceway of Northamptonshire. The county provides you with the excitement of watching cars and bikes racking at their top speeds which reach up to 300mph.

Drag racing is very popular these days but, many people don’t know much about this old track. Here, fun for the whole family can be found, making it an amazing place for you to visit for a small vacation.

The Fast Show also takes place annually here where a huge bunch of modified cars from across the country are showcased on these historic tracks.

Did you know that the first police pursuit in England also happened here! That’s right, this peaceful county has a history packed full of drama.


One of the hottest attraction spots in Northamptonshire, at Tank-a-lot you’ll get to do some seriously crazy stuff, including driving a full-sized tank. This place is specifically made for you to have an experience which you may never get to embark on anywhere else on the globe.

Tanks-a-lot is home to over 95 tanks and other military vehicles which you can drive on to the toughest off road tracks made here. The excitement doesn’t end here. Tanks-a-lot also has tanks and other heavy duty military vehicles up for sale. So if you want to have an old war machine in your name then you can buy it from Tanks-a-lot and take it home.

In addition to this, you get tank driving lessons here and other tips on using a tank on the roads. You can also visit this place for other events such as corporate parties, kid’s parties, corporate team building activities, etc.

Virtual Aerospace Flight Simulator

If your heart doesn’t fill with the excitement at the thought of driving a tank, then you might as well try flying an aeroplane! Unlike Tanks-a-lot, you won’t get to pilot real planes, but you’ll certainly feel as though you’re flying through the air through the Virtual Aerospace Flight Simulator.

Located at Sywell Aerodrome, are the famous Boring 737 airliner flight simulators which are equipped with the latest software and technology, and used by professionals to train new pilots.

As you sit in the simulator with the seat belt strapped across your waist and your fingers clinging on to the complex gears in front of you, you get the exact feel of flying the real airliner plane. This is an experience which is not to be missed. This is the ideal activity for adults and older children.

The Northamptonshire countryside is known for its peaceful nature, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a great deal of action packed activities here, ready and waiting for you to experience.

The daughter of famous Northamptonian Fifty P Lil, Samantha '25p' Lillian Gillian Geary is an avid collector of pre-war Mexican memorabilia. A student of Convents up until the age of 16, Sam soon found herself while backpacking across South East Ireland. Fun Fact: Sam was born as a red head.

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