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Stag Do Ideas that don’t Include Strippers or Getting Tied to Lamp Posts

stag do ideas


Stag Do Ideas that don’t Include Strippers or Getting Tied to Lamp Posts

Here’s the scenario: your best buddy in the whole world has decided to take the plunge and has asked his special lady to take his hand in marriage, which is great news of course, but there’s a bigger question to be asked…

‘Will you be my best man?’

Every guy wants to hear this question asked of them at least once in their lifetime and it’s a position of great honour and tradition and one that must be taken seriously.

There’s many duties expected of the best man, but none more important than arranging the stag do.

Whilst he’s pretending to be interested in floral patterns and centre pieces you need to be arranging the night that he will always look back on with fondness…that’s assuming any of you remember it.

The Luxury Idea: 007 Experience

The 007 Stag Weekend transports you into the life of the world’s famous super spy; action, adrenaline, and alcohol are all staples in the life of James Bond.

On Saturday, you’ll burn some serious rubber on the go karting track; taking part in a Grand Prix session. The Bond lifestyle continues with a Golden Eye style paint ball or clay shooting session, which includes 500 balls or 25 clays.

The evening is about the 007 glamour, take a ride to the Casino in an Aston Martin taxi to enjoy poker and martinis all night.

This, including a night’s accommodation is from £119pp or two nights for £139pp.

The Sporty Idea: Foot Golf

Can’t decide between a five-a-side or a round of golf? Then choose something somewhere between the two; footgolf does exactly what it says on the tin and Delapre Golf Course in Northampton now offers a course with a great mixture of technical holes – ideal for a day out with the lads before hitting the town.

Delapre offers nine holes from £8 or eighteen holes for £14, so whilst it won’t break the bank there’s also showers, a licensed bar and a full bar menu so you can make a day of it if you’re inclined to do so.

The ‘Fancy a Flutter’ Idea: The Dogs Races

Got a guy who spends his free time filling out his accumulators and having the occasional flutter on the horses? Then the dog racing could be a perfect option.

The race course in Towcester offers the full VIP restaurant experience which includes:

  • A three-course meal
  • Free admission
  • Free parking
  • A private betting facility
  • Private viewing facility
  • Private bar

This package is available on Friday and Saturday evenings and is a snip at £39.50 pp.

The Sophisticated Idea: The Theatre

Maybe your buddy is a fan of culture and the more sophisticated things in life? This is a perfect idea for when the cinema just won’t cut it.

The theatre has a bit of a reputation as a snooze fest I will admit, but the Royal & Derngate in Northampton offers a range of stand-up comedy, music, drama and classic plays.

This might not be for everyone, but there is a fully stocked bar and snack area. Just in case you need a few minutes in the lobby for a breather.

The Crazy Thrill Seeker Idea: Extreme Dodgems

Some folks in life are just insane, that’s a fact – and if the groom is one of those people, then this is perfect.

You’re given the opportunity to drive a real 1300cc saloon stock car, racing against real people on a real track. Up to 32 drivers take part in a session and you will take to the circuit to race against 8 at a time.

You will then take part in up to eight heats and the results of this then determine your participation in the Championship Final, in which you test your abilities against the other winners.

There is no experience required, apart from the obvious ability to drive, so give it a shot.

The Pent-Up Frustration Idea: Tank Paintball

Weddings can be stressful, the amount of work and preparation that goes into the day is surely taking its toll on the groom – behold the perfect solution to pent up stress: tank paintball.

Prepare yourself for the thrill of a Paintball Tank Battle…

You can fit three of your party and an instructor into the tank, of which there are ten to choose from, and you will be looked upon in a certain role: driver, gunner or commander.

After having some time to get used to the track it’s time to batten down the hatches, take aim and fire. You will be expected to navigate the tank by using periscopes, adding to the realism of your mission. Points will be scored on the number of direct hits the tanks make against each other – so make sure each shot counts.

Prices range from £99pp.

The Quiet Idea: Tapas Night

Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more sophistication? If good food, a few drinks and some scintillating conversation is your bag then look no further.

This is good idea for anyone that wants to start off an evening of drinking or those who just want to spend some quality time with the lads.

Many tapas bars in Northamptonshire offer packages for special occasions, and a stag party is no different. You can choose from a range of dishes that capture the true Spanish vibe.

The Creative Idea: Cocktail Making Course

It’s always more satisfying when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. We all love a good tipple, so why not take up the ancient art of cocktail making.

There’s numerous courses available to take up in Northamptonshire, most prominently at Revolution in Northampton.

You’ll be taken under the wing of an experienced mixologist, who will teach you the ways of mixing, mashing and muddling.

Anyone who knows cocktails, will know there’s a subtle art to it and throwing everything into a glass just won’t cut the mustard.

Ultimately the stag do is just a small part of the whole wedding process, but just because it’s a small section it doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Your buddy will be expecting something memorable and something that suits his personality, there’s a wide range of options we’ve assembled and there’s no reason you can’t mix and match depending on budget.

Amongst the furore of the stag do, don’t forget the best man speech!

A cross between Dot Cotton and Frank Bruno, Dale is the epitome of male endeavour, fitness and beauty. Though some believe he should be featured on the front of Mens Health, he prefers to stay out of the limelight and collect antique owl sculptures. Fun Fact: His beard has its own postcode.

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