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3 best roundabouts in Northamptonshire for getting tyre squeal


3 best roundabouts in Northamptonshire for getting tyre squeal

Getting heavy tyre squeal is epic, but finding some nice roundabouts in Northamptonshire to have a bit of fun on can be a pain. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the 3 best roundabouts for tyre squeal in Northamptonshire, so you can really get those tyres smoking.

Just be sure to make sure you get your tyres checked afterwards.

 #1 Thrapston services roundabout

This roundabout is amazing for whipping around on, its fairly large and an oval shape so you can get in some tight turns around it.

It is also fairly empty at night time, this roundabout is really flat with no bumps, so you can still get some heavy squeal whilst maintaining traction.

The best thing about this roundabout is the fact that it’s only about 5 minutes away to the closest McDonalds so if it’s really out of your way you can at least get a big mac out of it.

#2 Chowns Mill Roundabout – Rushden

The Chowns Mill Roundabout is a pain in the backside as local commuters will know, however if it’s empty (which is normally pretty rare) it is a hidden gem.

It’s a wide roundabout but has good visibility so you know when a party pooper is around to spoil your fun.

This roundabout is quite popular for the local riffraff, so expect to find people dicking around in their 1.2 Renault Clios when you arrive.

#3 Kettering A14 Roundabout

This roundabout is epic for getting some serious tyre squeal due to its tight oval shape, you can whip it round quite nicely on the tighter bends, and its not far from KFC or McDonald’s for all you fast food junkies so it’s a win win.

This roundabout is normally quite busy, however the lanes are massive so there is room to play around in without endangering other drivers.

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