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Northamptonshire Motocross: 3 Tracks Every Biker Needs to Visit

northamptonshire motorcross


Northamptonshire Motocross: 3 Tracks Every Biker Needs to Visit

For people that love to ride and are competitive then here are three Northamptonshire motorcross tracks that may appeal to you.

Whether you ride small 125cc’s or the mighty 500cc’s then there will be a great track that is just right for your technique.

Milton Park MX

This track is one of the largest tracks in the Northamptonshire area, this track is mainly used by semi pro riders it is great to watch riders and pick up new riding techniques.

There have been events such as the British Youth Nationals which was hosted Sat 27th August 2016.

This was an amazing race with under 18 riders enjoying the competitive sport.

When it comes to riding in the track you have a real sense of freedom with the sheer size of the track it offers two sections, section one has long straights where you can hit jumps with a great speed to perform stunts that are more difficult to do, however with section two you have more corners where you need to think ahead on whether you’re going too quick or whether you need to speed up to hit the “cave” and swing your bike through giving a quick release.

Weedon MX Track

Weedon is excellent for new riders with a practice track that has all types of bikes going around, from 65cc pit bikes to larger 125cc bikes.

motorcross trackHowever, when it comes to being competitive there is a larger track that has bikes going from 125cc to 500cc racing round “fighting” for first as the track owner often has a first-place prize that can be won by the winner.

A favourite by most people that ride here as the track consists of sharp turns and fast approaching jumps, also with a tractor going around re-making the track every 2 hours you can have a perfect ride with needed breaks to grab a bite to eat and replenish on fluids.

Long Buckby Motocross Track

This is great for rider that enjoy speed and large jumps, and by having events with pro riders here it is great to visit when events are taking place as when you ride on the track you can get a feel for how professional ride and maybe try out new tricks and riding styles.

Long_buckby motorcross trackThis track offers seriously sharp turns and ditches that are incredibly difficult to overcome however it has taken many riders by storm with bad weather literally making it a real struggle to get free, however there is a free recovery quad bike freeing riders from there pits.

So, if you’d like an exciting day out then these tracks should be for you as they all have different types of styles they appeal to mostly every rider, it also has a unique change with rainy days as all three tracks turn into forward thinking mind games where every corner has a different risk element.

Or if you are just looking to watch you have amazing views at each track and optional vans to get food from such as burgers and hot dogs, the tracks are also photographer friendly with people from all over tacking photos and videos.

¿Jámés Malcomo Connoway is a renowned Troll tracker and dedicates his career to the first troll he ever discovered named ‘Big ol’ Suzie’, he has now commissioned his own TV show, ‘Under the Bridge Monsters’. James jogs for six hours a day, stopping for only cigarette breaks, and spends long periods watching his moustache grow in the mirror. Surprise fact: James was once a surprise contestant on an episode of University Challenge.

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