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Danny Chapman

A infuriatingly humble cage fighting champion, Danny was singlehandedly responsible for the creation of the ‘Danny Chapman Year 8 Chess Champion Foundation’, in which he works tirelessly to spread the word of chess to year 8 students. Danny is a cocktail evangelist, lover of seventeenth century Thai literature and has a keen eye for Fabergé eggs. Surprise Fact: Danny owns 62 ½ Daimler’s

Dale Bonsor

A cross between Dot Cotton and Frank Bruno, Dale is the epitome of male endeavour, fitness and beauty. Though some believe he should be featured on the front of Mens Health, he prefers to stay out of the limelight and collect antique owl sculptures. Fun Fact: His beard has its own postcode.

Penny Davis

An avid fusball player, Penny moved to Northampton from Farnham several years ago and hasn't looked back since. A closet head-banger, she enjoys spicy food, long walks in the dark and skipping. Surprise Fact: Penny was a key member of the UK conker marathon, she beat world renowned pro Uzmarov Chekoslov in the 'battle of Bristol'.

James Conway

¿Jámés Malcomo Connoway is a renowned Troll tracker and dedicates his career to the first troll he ever discovered named ‘Big ol’ Suzie’, he has now commissioned his own TV show, ‘Under the Bridge Monsters’. James jogs for six hours a day, stopping for only cigarette breaks, and spends long periods watching his moustache grow in the mirror. Surprise fact: James was once a surprise contestant on an episode of University Challenge.

Harry Robinson

Half man half eyebrow, Harold Reginald Keith Robin Robinson is the Northants' answer to the matrix. A collector of rare and exotic Ribena, you'll often find him buying new fire pits, navigating the roundabouts of South East Northamptonshire and learning the translation for 'ello in every language. Fun Fact: Harry's a student at a beginners photoshop course.

Alex Robinson

Alexander Cornelius Tobias Bob Robinson III: An owner of several walk-in closets, Alex is the UK’s largest collector of white, plain shirts. Alex mixes in the upper echelons of society; rubbing eyebrows with some of the Kettering elite. Alex is the master of whittling fine wooden sculptures of his favourite Powerpuff Girl: Blossom. Surprise Fact: Alex is the county’s Cross-country 500m Backstroke Boxing Champion.

Samantha Geary

The daughter of famous Northamptonian Fifty P Lil, Samantha '25p' Lillian Gillian Geary is an avid collector of pre-war Mexican memorabilia. A student of Convents up until the age of 16, Sam soon found herself while backpacking across South East Ireland. Fun Fact: Sam was born as a red head.

Rosie Roberts

Part girl, part human trumpet, Rosie Rachel Rebecca Ruth Robin Rita Roberts is our resident musician. Lover of Ming Dynasty fine antiques and pistachios, Rosie can often be found polishing a flute. Fun Fact: Rosie's was born on the London eye.

Chris Smith

Chris was born in a tree stump in the forests of Worcester; his dad was a leprechaun and his mum was a borrower. At 17 he took his Filofax to pursue a career in sales. When not spending his time visiting Holland & Barrett and with his many romantic conquests, he is working on his bestselling memoirs: ‘Standing Tall: The Chris Smith Story’. Surprise Fact: Chris finds that people really buy into him.

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