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Dream Houses in Northamptonshire

Everyone loves a fairytale.

To be a princess, the president or to emulate your childhood hero are some of the most common but the one that’s most likely to happen is to get your dream home.

Luckily for you and me, there are some great options in Northamptonshire.

Each week we’ll publish the most incredible house that’s available at a variety of dream money budgets.

Dream House in Northampton around £1m

There’s normally around 100 houses available at any one time in Northamptonshire for this kind of budget, that means a lot of people are buying a dream house each year.

Work hard, become a director or small business owner and these houses are your oyster my friend.

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Dream House in Northampton under £2.5m

You’re probably going to have to own a decent sized company, or at least a share of one, to get to this level. Alternatively create the next angry birds.

Either way, if you make it, you deserve it and these houses are available right now if you have the next great app idea in your head.

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Dream House in Northampton £2.5m+

Okay, so you might need to win the lottery, be amazing at trading stocks or be an inventor of an incredible household name product to get here.

If you do, then you’re an incredibly fortunate person and to own one of these house would fulfil the dream of millions of fairytales.

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