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Incredible Jobs and Graduate Schemes Available Right Now

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Incredible Jobs and Graduate Schemes Available Right Now

If you’re about to graduate, it’s extremely likely that you are going to a mixed bag full of emotions.

You may feel excited at the prospect of delving in to a new job, and applying everything you have learnt throughout your time at university to your new role, or you may feel sad about leaving your carefree university days behind you, and unsure of what job you should be applying for, or where you would like to focus your talents.

Either way, conducting some research in to your market sector, what jobs are in demand and how you should go about applying for these roles, forms an integral part of departing smoothly from your university life and moving up the career ladder.

Speech Writer

There are some degrees that are often regarded as “pointless”; when a clearly defined pathway in to the workplace cannot be seen, degrees such as Classical Literature or Latin are commonly stuck in the firing line. However, alongside a variety of other disciplines, these two degrees can path the way in to speech writing.

You may have never thought of this as a full-time job role. However, professional speech writers can help develop the careers of some of the most influential people, including: politicians, celebrities and CEO’s.

The right speech can make or break trust, it can enthuse and excite just as well as it can unnerve and shock. Consequently, a great deal of industries look to hire the services of someone with a flair for the English language when engaging with their demographic.

Salary: The average salary for a speech writer in the UK is £43,309.


Being voted number one in The Times top 100 graduate employers survey for the past twelve years, PwC offers great opportunities in a wide variety of sectors, including: actuarial, assurance, consulting, deals, PwC Legal and tax.

PwC say they are committed to providing graduates with opportunities that they will learn and grow from. With 776 offices in 158 countries, PwC is a has the advanced facilities to take your career to the next level.

Whether you finish your graduate scheme and decide to move on, or stay with PwC for the rest of your career, you’re sure to be offered a competitive salary with plenty of room to grow and develop your skills.

A well as walking straight in to a full-time job, you may decide that a graduate scheme is a much wiser move for your career. Graduate schemes offer individuals that have completed their university degree a way to continue learning and hone their skills whilst they receive practical experience, alongside industry professionals.

MHP Communications

There are a wide variety of graduate schemes out there in a wide variety of industries, and among the most popular are Public Relations and Public Affairs schemes.

MHP, one of the UK’s leading PR and public affairs consultancies is on the hunt for bright graduates with a thirst for communications.

Employers understand that graduates have a great deal of opportunities when they leave university, and consequently offer competitive salaries for graduate schemes.

One of the most enticing things about the MHP scheme is that they offer a fast track programme, so if you’re committed, you’ll benefit from being able to specialise in one of their four areas, including: financial, brand or corporate affairs or health.

In addition to this, The Guardian has listed this MHP opportunity as a “top job” in their graduate section.

The British Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support Graduate Scheme

The British Heart Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Support Graduate Scheme is a completely unique scheme that brings together two of the UK’s leading charities. With a jointly delivered development programme, you’ll get to work with both charities over a 12-month placement.

When you embark on a graduate scheme, you will benefit from handling your own responsibilities on a day to day basis, giving you the autonomy to handle your own projects, whilst you receive continued support.

Salary: With a starting salary of £24,000, this is a foot in the door opportunity that is not to be missed.

With so much available to a fresh-faced graduates, there’s no need to feel daunted at the prospect of leaving your university life behind you.

Sure, you may miss the late nights and lazy days, but think of your new career path as just another adventure, an extension of the studies you have already applied yourself to at university, and you’ll be well away.

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