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5 best jobs available right now for developers Jan 2017

northampton web developer jobs


5 best jobs available right now for developers Jan 2017

Finding a good job opportunity can be tricky, there are a lot of web development jobs around Northamptonshire however finding a good company to work with can be a long winded and painful process.

Below is a list of the 5 best web development jobs in Northamptonshire right now, we have specifically focused on company reputation, room to progress and job tasks.

Wage is not a factor in our list 😉

HTML5 / CSS / PHP Web Developer


This job stood out to us as it provides a free training course before you start work.

The job tasks also seem interesting with the PHP projects, it doesn’t take long to get sick of doing front end stuff so having a few PHP projects to work on will keep you happy.

Another task that stands out is “Implementing and maintaining applications” this could be a very exciting and rewarding task to do, most applications are an ongoing project so you will always have work flowing your way.

Apply here.

WordPress / Magento / HTML – CSS – Javascript – PHP Developer

This job is targeted mainly at building and maintaining websites for a digital marketing company, as well as maintaining and building websites.

“Theme Development” is mentioned, meaning you will be creating new WordPress themes which can be very fulfilling as hundreds of people will be using the template that you have created.

The main reason for this job being a part of this list is that it seems like a very fun and exciting company to work at as one of the job expectations is to have “A sense of humour” as well as being in a “Young, energetic & friendly environment”.

Apply here.

PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS 3 / JavaScript / jQuery Developer

For this job 3 years of experience is required as well as experience in “PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS 3 / JavaScript / jQuery” the job task is to develop PHP / SQL / JQuery based API’s such as google maps logistics tools,  CRM solutions and IPad tools.

As most developers know developing API’s and tools is very exciting and is a great project to be a part of.

Apply here.

PHP / CSS / HTML5 / JQuery Developer

This job has made it in to our top 5 list simply because of the type of work they have to offer, in this job listing there is a lot of talk of building applications as well as APIs .

There is a lot of desired skills they want from the candidate however if you qualify for the job it looks like a very good opportunity.

Apply here.

PHP 5.6.6+ / SQL / JS / HTML / CSS / JSON Developer

This job seems challenging and pushy, but if you enjoy working in a strict and time sensitive environment this job may be a good opportunity for you.

3 years of PHP, JS, SQL are required for this job, making it open to pretty much every experienced web developer, there is also a dash of onsite SEO involved so if you are inexperienced with SEO this job may be a perfect opportunity to learn it and fill up your skill set.

Apply here.

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