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Incredible Products Made in Northamptonshire You Have to Try

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Incredible Products Made in Northamptonshire You Have to Try

If you have recently moved to Northamptonshire or are about to visit it, you should ensure that you are not missing out on some of the best products available, made right here in the heart of England.

One can find numerous delicatessen, Farm shops and fabulous restaurants throughout the county to tempt even the most avid foodie.

Local produce is the key in Northamptonshire, and it has become a passion to not only the food lover’s community but also to the families who wish to shop locally and save a few pennies. Farm shops here are mostly jam-packed with people looking to have homemade brews, drinks and Sunday afternoon tipples.

Whether it is brewing beer, creating cupcakes or perfecting pasta, there’s one key ingredient that binds the county’s local producers together, and that’s a genuine passion for their work. This is why you won’t find a more enthusiastic place than Northamptonshire for trying out the local products in the UK.

Here is a list of the incredible products made in Northamptonshire that you must try: –

Local Drinks

If you are someone who likes a drink that hits the spot, you should try the popular local drinks made in Northamptonshire.

You can find several brew houses that offer premium real ale, Natural Springwater from a local limestone aquifer with no additives, fresh hand-milled grain for each brew, and beers containing the finest hops for a superb smoothness.

For decades, the local brew shops in Northamptonshire have been making drinks that quench people’s thirst around the world, and closer to home.

They use production techniques that are a blend of long-standing traditions, popular recipes, and a spirited entrepreneurial culture to make drinks that will become your favourite as soon as you try them.

Meat with Lean Cuts

If you love great food, you will love the meat prepared in Northamptonshire. There are numerous butcher shops throughout the county that supply locally sourced top quality meat.

The traditional way they produce their beef dishes, and package their choicest cuts, is a treat to the taste buds of any meat lover.

The tender cuts and succulent slices of the delicious meat make it mouth-watering, you simply won’t be able to resist in trying them!

Homemade Pasta

If you wish to enjoy something a little bit special or slightly more exotic, you’ll love Northamptonshire’s local produce.

Be sure to not miss out on trying the homemade pasta made here using Italian pasta flour and locally sourced free range eggs that are flavoured with fresh vegetables.

You can also find a variety of local restaurants that offer the best-tasting produce out there, such as garlic mushroom and other homemade mushroom dishes that will instantly melt in your mouth.

Local Produce at Farm Shops

Whether it’s visiting a working farm with its own shop, or buying locally produced food, picking your own produce can be fun. One can find everything from free range eggs to pickles, oils and sausages.

The farm shops in Northamptonshire are a one-stop shopping destination where one can get healthy, eco-friendly, and organic local produce.

Cakes, Bakes & Sweet Treats

It’s a fact that cakes are deliciously tasty and anyone that has got a sweet tooth is sure to love the cakes made in Northamptonshire.
The fine bakers and sweet-makers at the cake shops in Northamptonshire create all manner of exquisite bread, buns, tarts, muffins and cupcakes, pleasing the taste buds of ravenous locals and visitors for decades.

From delectably tempting cupcakes that are prepared with locally sourced ingredients, to the wonderfully exotic cakes, Northamptonshire has sweet treats for all.

Jams and Preserves

Northamptonshire’s local shops also offer a great selection of specialist preserves, some of which are made in their farmhouse kitchen.

They locally produced Strawberry and Raspberry can be spread on thick cut toast or stirred into hot porridge in the winter for a tasteful brunch. Locally sourced honey is also an incredible product to try that will make you crave more.

Northamptonshire local produce is clearly on the map when it comes to ‘Food and Drink’, and you can enjoy such treats at the local shops and Restaurants of Northamptonshire.

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