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7 Fitness Classes/Activities in Northampton you haven’t considered in 2017

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7 Fitness Classes/Activities in Northampton you haven’t considered in 2017

If you need some motivation to get off the couch, or perhaps you’re tired of jogging down the same streets on your own, these 7 inspirational and novel fitness classes you might be the trick to begin the year with a happier, healthier you, and engage in exercise that you actually enjoy.

Hula hooping

hula-hoop classesDo you remember prancing around with a hula hoop in the playground back in your school days?

Hula hooping is a fun activity for adults too, which is brilliant for strengthening the core and burning calories.

Your waist will also get slimmer and it is a good cardio exercise.

For fitness purposes, you can get weighted hula hoops, prove to burn 400 calories an hour, and there are also fitness routines available, tricks to practise and even classes where you can enjoy the activity with friends, learning moves and routines as you go. Practised by the likes of Zooey Deschanel and Beyoncé, you clearly can’t go wrong!

Fencing Classes

If you’ve always fancied appearing as your favourite character in that Game of Thrones episode, fencing might be the activity for you.

As a particular style of sword fighting, fencing is a great sport to get your heart racing, practise your technique and balance, and learn some tricks and skills whilst getting involved in the fencing community.

Fencing techniques emphasise your alertness, endurance and agility.

Celebrities who love practising the art of fencing include Will Smith, David Beckham and Angelina Jolie!

There are classes available here in Northampton.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing can be a fun way to exercise and build muscle, whilst having a good laugh, and learning dance routines.

It is also a good way to build up your confidence.

There are pole dancing classes available for all levels, and you can choose whether to have an individual or group session.

You need no previous dance experience at all, and can learn as a complete beginner.

It is great for improving your flexibility and joint mobility, whilst also being good for balance. All round a fantastic opportunity.

Salsa dancing

Salsa dancing is a great, fun way to exercise and have a fun time, whilst learning a new skill.

dance-salsa classesThere are salsa classes available, whatever your dance experience, you don’t have to bring a partner, and it is a great social activity where you can meet new friends.

There is also a free-for-all salsa dancing session after the beginner and advanced classes where anyone can join in and show off the skills they have learnt to some themed music.

It is a valuable exercise for aerobic activity, and is proven to burn off 420 calories an hour.

David Tennant and Vanessa Feltz are just a couple of celebrities who burn away calories whilst salsa dancing the night away.

Roller Skating

If you’re looking for a retro, fun way to exercise and have a good time, why not head over to a roller skating disco.

You can practise your roller skating tricks with your friends whilst listening to some great music.

You can also hire out the venue for corporate events or parties, so you can ensure all your friends get involved in the fun.

Dei Lovato and Joey Essex are just two famous celebs who love to skate.

Roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits, especially helping to build up strength in muscles, particularly the lower leg muscles.

Adult Gymnastic

If you’ve always aspired to be a great gymnast but have never had the opportunity to shine, now is your chance with adult gymnastic classes being available in Northampton.

adult gymnastics classesThis is a fun way to improve your muscle and core strength, increase your flexibility, improve your co-ordination and grace.

You can also take this chance to learn some impressive moves which you will be desperate to show off to your friends.

Trampolining Fitness Classes

If you haven’t been trampolining since your younger years, this is your opportunity.

You can visit an indoor trampoline park in Northampton, where you can literally bounce off the walls, plus there are various activities all based around trampolining, such as trampolining basketball, and a diving board landing in a pit of foam squares.

If you are going as an adult, we suggest you go later in the evening, but it also a great activity for kids, with an under 5’s area too. 10 minutes of trampolining is proven have the same benefit as a half an hour run, and is twice as fun.

It stimulates the metabolism and is sure to make you smile. Celebrities such as Rachel Stevens and Victoria Beckham regularly take to the trampoline to maintain their fantastic figures.

We hope that one of these novel ideas takes your fancy and you find an exercise that is fun and enjoyable so that you and stay happy and healthy this year.

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