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Meanwhile in Northampton…Women Sh**s in Street & Becomes Household Name

50p lil


Meanwhile in Northampton…Women Sh**s in Street & Becomes Household Name

We’ve all seen them, we all know them, the cult heroes that each area seems to have.

But you probably won’t know those of other towns, so here goes,  starting with perhaps Northampton’s most famous resident.

50p ‘Lil’ (sticky Vicki) – Northampton

A literal super-star Northampton resident 50p ‘Lil’, the older generation may know her as Sticky Vicki, has been mentioned on TV and mainstream publications like Cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post.

She even has dedicated Twitter accounts in her honour.
Unfortunately, rumours persist that she passed away in 2007 but for the last 2 decades ‘Lil’ has been a consummate resident, often seen perusing the streets of the town centre.

Sometimes, not just wondering up and down:

50p lil

Rumour has it that she will do most things for 50p, though this has never been confirmed, that’s where the name originated.

The urban dictionary has it labelled slightly differently.

Fans have even created a 50p ‘Lil’ fonejacker video, it’s been viewed over 60k times, proving just how many fans  she has.


Charlie Brown – Northampton

Another Northampton resident Charlie Brown is one of my personal faves.

Almost as famous as ‘lil’ Charlie has been featured in numerous press cuttings and Youtube clips.

Though he claims to be late 40’s, rumour has it that it’s a slight exaggeration, judge for yourself:

If you’re a young lady living in the area, you’ve probably had a wedding proposal or two, Charlie himself claims his wife is 19 years old and to be a millionaire.

Though, he does also say he’s 47.

Charlie claims people give him money because he’s funny, a great guy all round according to everyone who has met him.


Elvis – Kettering

Though not someone I’ve met personally I’m informed that the ‘Kettering Elvis’ is certainly a cult legend for residents.

Now believed to be dead, he’d be seen carrying a radio playing solely Elvis music, unless of course it was near Christmas when the trees would be out in force.

Often giving them away to passers by.

Though loved by many, others tried to steer clear of the man allergic to Lynx.

Testament to that are the Facebook groups set up in his honour.

His Twitter feed is very colourful indeed, though not used since what is believed to be around the time he passed he was certainly a character:


Spiderman – Thrapston

The infamous ‘Thrapston Spiderman’ was a colourful character.

As it says on the tin he’d often be seen in the full outfit jumping on benches in the scripted pose.

There isn’t much information about the man, but it is believed his sons work in Burger King at the Thrapston services, while selling ‘baccy’ on the side.


Naked Man (David Hawker) – Rushden

An actor and artist according to his website David is probably best known (at least for his cult status) for his naked man antics on Celebrity Juice.

Believe it or not though, he’s worked in some incredibly mainstream films, including;

  • Clash of the Titans
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Love Actually
  • Casino Royale
  • King Arthur

As well as being a key part of a recent Nectar Advert:

David is often seen walking around the streets of Rushden, his home town, taking pics with children and generally being quite approachable.

Just don’t ask him to get naked! He probably…will.


Karaoke Karen – Wellingborough

A huge face in Wellingborough, Karaoke Karen like many others on this roundup isn’t with us anymore.

Hundreds of people lined the streets for her funeral in Wellingborough.

Perhaps best known for her singing and dancing outside the Swansgate shopping centre, the resident whose real name was Karen Cooper was often caught on camera by ‘fans’:

Karen was a real cult hero of the area and her passing definitely left the streets a quieter place.

A fund was set up for her brother after her passing to help with funeral arrangements, targeted at £100, the running total is well over £1000, showing that she was a really loved member of the community.


Women Who Stopped the Robbery (Ann Timson) – Northampton

If you haven’t seen or heard of Ann Timson before, you must be living under a rock.

She’s the 71 year old lady (at the time) who foiled a robbery in action single handedly, here’s the video (keep an eye out for her running up the street to strike):

Though she claims she isn’t a hero, many people think the opposite, including the national press.

All 5 of the guys she interrupted are now serving time.

She was featured and interviewed on The Daily Mail, by the BBC and across dozens of other publications.

Now, she has her own website where her Pride of Britain award for outstanding bravery is proudly discussed.

What a women.

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