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10 Incredible Cottages for Sale in Northamptonshire under £250k (Jan 2017)


10 Incredible Cottages for Sale in Northamptonshire under £250k (Jan 2017)

Each month we’ll update this incredible list of cottages for sale in Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire is a County that is home to some amazingly beautiful little villages with many of them being remote enough to distance yourself from the hubbub and grind of daily life.

You don’t have to be too far away from all the amenities and provisions to live in a village and you don’t have to travel too far from them, for the company of friends and family when you need to. The drive to and from work in and around Northamptonshire isn’t so bad either.

Here is a roundup of 10 properties in Northamptonshire’s villages that you can buy right now. Even sweeter, not one of them will set you back more than £250,000.

Dove Cottages, Banbury Lane, Thorpe Mandeville – £235,000

This place looks ideal for someone who is perhaps looking for a bit of a project, as per the description “This attractive 2-bedroom end of terrace cottage has been subject to updating and modernisation yet still offers scope for further improvement and personalisation.”

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The initial pictures show it’s location and front yard set back from the road and it ticks all the boxes of a nice country cottage.

You would buy this home because you wanted the satisfaction of carrying out a labour of love and you are looking for a home you can put heart and soul into.

Some of the interior decor is perfectly fine and functional and there is no reason anyone couldn’t live there. It just needs a little more attention to make it a more appealing place to live.

There is plenty of room around the property, but the grounds and gardens are also in need of someone with a keen eye for gardening, or maybe landscaping completely.

You are getting a wonderful home for the asking price, however it’s proximity to the planned HS2 line and it’s price in relation to other properties on this list means I would be happy buying the cottage – but it just falls down when listing as one of my favourites here.


The Retreat – High Street Wollaston – Also £235,000

There is something so charming about this place, it is like the home of a hermit, just rightly placed to watch enough of the world go by.

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It is easy to imagine someone living here who you would always say hello to as you passed them in the village.

This is the place of a pottering man, who likes to amble around his yard, picking up the occasional leaf or would spend an evening trying to replicate the latest Heston recipe on the TV in the kitchen.

This home is an absolute sanctuary for someone who knows their place in the world and is happy with their lot in life.

It actually has a thatched roof and the property size is just right to be manageable for one or two people.


Plum Cottage, School Lane, Evenley – £237,500

From the outside you might get the impression this house could be small and dark, but it is definitely deceptive, because inside are large, light and airy rooms.

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You will be quite at home here if what you are looking for is modern living space, but with just enough character features to be a traditional home.

This is going to be an ideal home for a working couple, who could see themselves living the village life. In my opinion, the decor isn’t sympathetic to the type of property, but there are definitely some nice talking features for when you are inviting your sister-in-law and your colleague over for an evening of fondue and tapas.


High Street, Welford – £199,950

There really is so much to love about this home, from the outside, it looks somewhat functional to a point although not so much, that it is not recognisable as a home.

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The real wow factor though is inside – A great deal of care and attention has been made to show elegant traditional features. Carpentry that integrates furniture and fittings into the property that is elegant, aesthetic and warm.

The layout of the rooms, right down to their wonderful little alcoves and corners are homely and traditional, while blending modern living with creature comforts.

If you ever walked into a house and thought, ‘Can you just leave everything exactly as it is, furniture and all and I’ll just buy it and move in? – This is perfect’ Then this home is likely to stir up the excitement of buying a home, for you.


Buckingham Road, Brackley – £229,950

This cottage is just the opposite, with large open rooms and exposed beams the open plan rooms are calling for someone to own who really wants to make their mark on the property.

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The only reason you would leave this one completely ‘As is’ to move into is if you were a film crew requiring a location for ‘Most Haunted’

However this bare, empty space is a blank canvas for someone who who wants to inject their own soul and their own story into the making of it.

It is a very traditional looking home and in quite a rural location. Someone who is already familiar with country living is definitely going to want to make this their own place.


The Forge, Drychurch Lane, Bozeat. £209,995

A nice little 3 bedroom character cottage boasting to have an Inglenook fireplace, Wood burner, Lounge/diner Kitchen, Downstairs, cloakroom/boot room, Family bathroom and a Cottage style patio garden.

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But these are little man boasts, really – It’s a beautiful little cottage and they don’t make diamonds as big as coal. That’s fine, because what you have here is a very typical cosy character cottage.

A few nice furnishings of you own will pick up the highlights of the place very easily. Adding some creature comforts and warmth to this sweet little house, will be endearing if you don’t need vast expansive open spaces to make you feel like you are home.


Orchard Road, Finedon – £199,995

That price setting is enough to make anyone smirk, isn’t it? So it’s a fiver off £200k then, yes?

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This 3 bedroom end of terrace makes it so highly on the list because of it’s colourful interior and exterior.

There is something about the way the lighting enters and hits the property – and perhaps the decor could be dialled back to something more neutral.

The reason I like this one so much, is because thinking about it, there is a school teacher from my primary years, who most probably would live in a home I imagined to be just like this.

Sometimes, it’s not about the house and it’s features, it’s about how it makes you feel.


Station Road, Nassington – £200,000

Pictures of barbecues in the garden generally don’t up sell a house for me. This one is a bit different and again for memories at the home of an Aunt who is or was known for being a bit of a socialite.

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She would throw BBQ parties for friends and their families of all ages. not the sort where you buy a few burgers and sausages because you caught a decent days weather either.

We’re talking the type that were arranged just over a week in advance, there would be steak, and jacket potatoes, home made chilli and coleslaw. there would be fish and barbecued bananas with marshmallows toasted into them and the drink flowed and flowed and flowed.

During one particularly raucous Saturday night, around 12 people crashed on her living room floor at around 6am in the morning – They were all up by 10am, flame grilling steak and cracking open the Carling.

Her home was so similar to this it is unreal – This one is homely, has a thatched roof, is functional and just looks like such a great place to live, spend your weekends and go home to in the evening after a hard days work.

This is the perfect cottage for a vibrant family that works hard and plays hard.

It is just outside of Northamptonshire and I am not sure the people of Nassington would appreciate me promoting a larger than life way of living, amongst them. Perhaps they might make great neighbours and join in on the karaoke, though!


Woodland Avenue, Overstone – £249,950

This is another house which has a very small and understated front. look at the room inside, though.

The rooms are very big and open, very light and very modern. The front and back yard are completely paved so are low maintenance.

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If you are looking for a big modern space, in a nice rural location; If you favour understatement and peaceful enjoyment of your home, then this is going to be the right place for you.

I like that there is shared access to parking and there is a garage included in this one.

This is an ideal home for a contented family, happy with their own devices away from the intrusion of the rest of the world.


High Street Irchester – £162,955

The listing of this property shows it was built in 1599, is Grade II listed and was a Lacemakers Cottage.

So it has a history, but it has also been fully modernised in every single way, including a fitted burglar alarm.

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The rooms are quite small, but I personally would not need them to be.

Everything is very traditional about the property and I know i may have laboured the point, but if you are going to buy a cottage a thatched roof is a must for calling it a cottage.

Exposed timber beams, and a quirkily arranged fitted kitchen add to it’s appeal.

A brick built fireplace, mantle and brick interior walls all look fantastic.

It’s a little home that others might prefer more space, but the location is great too, as I already spend many summer weekends with my son rambling around Irchester Country Park.

You don’t need so much space indoors, when you have that place so close to home for a small young family.

The price has to be appealing too. If you have a budget of £250k, there is enough left over from that to book a few nice holidays with, that will more than make up for the lack of space at home.

The reason that this cottage for me is the top one, is that I can see myself easily, if I were a serious buyer myself now, taking up and feeling very happy about.

If none of these incredible cottages for sale in Northamptonshire are quite what you’re looking for then check back again next month.

Chris was born in a tree stump in the forests of Worcester; his dad was a leprechaun and his mum was a borrower. At 17 he took his Filofax to pursue a career in sales. When not spending his time visiting Holland & Barrett and with his many romantic conquests, he is working on his bestselling memoirs: ‘Standing Tall: The Chris Smith Story’. Surprise Fact: Chris finds that people really buy into him.

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