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Celebrities who hail from Northamptonshire


Celebrities who hail from Northamptonshire

What do Beverly hills, Malibu, London, Cheshire and Northamptonshire have in common? They are all home to some very famous celebrities. 

It doesn’t quite sound right, does it? There are no trendy homes in Northamptonshire or at least not ones in the same leagues as the Primrose Hill in London, where superstar celebrities Jamie Oliver, Kate Moss  and Ewan McGregor have their homes.

Nor is it home to designer shops, exclusive boutiques or VIP access clubs, but what Northampton does offer is some peace and quiet, a commodity highly sought after by many paparazzi hounded celebrities.

Here we take a look at few celebrities who hail from Northamptonshire.

Matt Smith

All men are created equal, but the same cannot be said of all Doctor Who’s.

Clearly some are better than the others and in Matt Smith we have seen one of the goofiest portrayals of the beloved humanoid doctor.

Matt Smith succeeded in widening the audience of the show for a younger audience when many before him had tried and failed and yes, he was born and raised in Northampton, where he attended the Northampton School for Boys.

The actor who had the enviable task of replacing the brilliant David Tennant (widely considered by Fans as the best doctor ever) has managed to silence all his critics and is credited with rejuvenating the series by providing a unique performance as the alien Gallifreyan.

Sophie Turner

Everybody’s smartest Stark (NOT!) Sophie Turner was also born in Northampton.

One of the leading stars of the popular HBO fantasy TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ she has received widespread recognition and praise for her portrayal of Sansa Stark.

She was nominated four times for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series by the Screen Actors Guild Award, as well as being nominated once for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series by the Young Artist Award.

Turner made her feature film debut in 2013 with ‘Another Me’ and recently starred in the action comedy ‘Barely Lethal’ and starred as Jean Grey in ‘X Men: Apocalypse (2016)’.

Marc Warren

Mark Warren known for portraying brash cockney characters (not exclusively though) on British television, was also born in Northamptonshire.

Warren moved from Northamptonshire to Farnborough, Hampshire in late 1979 before moving back to his hometown. Warren has gained prominence for his portrayal of Albert Blithe in the show Band of Brothers and Danny Blue in Hustle.

In 2000, he was presented an award by the Royal Television Society for his performance as Monks in the ITV production of Oliver Twist.

His first feature film breakthrough was in 1992 for the film ‘An Ungentlemanly Act’ in which he reprised the role of Tony Hunt and also starred as ‘The Repairman’ in the 2008 Hollywood blockbuster hit movie ‘Wanted’.

Alan Carr

Popular host of the celebrity guest show ‘Chatty Man’, Alan Graham Carr was born in Dorset but, spent the majority of his childhood in Northampton where he attended Weston Favell School.

Alan has won two National Television Awards, two British TV Awards and one BAFTA Award for his performance as the host of the show ‘Chatty Man’.

His career as a comedian blossomed on the Manchester Comedy Circuit before gaining further prominence for hosting ‘The Friday Night Project’.

His big breakthrough arrived in 2001 when he won the City Life award for Best Newcomer of The Year and also the BBC comedy award.

Carr who is primarily a comedian and TV personality has also hosted a radio show on BBC radio 2 known as ‘Going out with Allan Carr”. He released his autobiography ‘Look who it is’ in 2008.

An avid fusball player, Penny moved to Northampton from Farnham several years ago and hasn't looked back since. A closet head-banger, she enjoys spicy food, long walks in the dark and skipping. Surprise Fact: Penny was a key member of the UK conker marathon, she beat world renowned pro Uzmarov Chekoslov in the 'battle of Bristol'.

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